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Top Safelist Biz Review

Top Safelist Biz Review: Is it just another scam? Or can you make money?

Company Details
Program Name: Top Safelist Biz
Creators: Matthew Meyer
URL Address:
Price: one-time $29.95, then $9.95 monthly

About the Creators

Matthew Meyer is the founder of Top Safelist Biz and by doing a Google search, there wasn’t a whole lot of information to find on him. There are a couple of blogs that come up in the results, but the blogs aren’t really put together nicely and there’s really no bio of him. There wasn’t really any feedback on Matthew Meyer, negative nor positive, but read this full Top Safelist Biz review to learn more.

Brief Explanation of Product/Program

Top Safelist Biz is basically a membership program in which you get paid revenue when you join and have your website set up for you. You basically sell safelist subscriptions and membership to the site as a referral business opportunity as well.
When you join Top Safelist Biz, you will get to choose your own domain name for your website and get 100% commissions for all of the membership accounts that you sell through your affiliate site or through any other methods.

Quick Summary

Here’s a quick recap of the Top Safelist Biz program:
  • Sell safelist advertising to people for the low-cost of $12 a year.
  • Customers can send promotional emails for any business they like.
  • The $12 profit goes straight to you and will recur annually as long as the user remains a member.
  • To make $1000/month, all you would need to do is sell 3 safelist subscriptions a day.
Some of the perks of joining the Top Safelist Biz membership are:
  • Web hosting
  • Sales website
  • Affiliate links
  • Auto-responder account
  • Pre-made promo emails
  • Earn commissions by helping others join too
  • Only one time $29.95
  • Low monthly subscription price of $9.95
  • And more…

Final Thoughts

If you typed in Top Safelist Biz scam in your Google search bar, you’re probably going to be disappointed because this program does NOT look like a scam. But one thing to note is, you don’t get your money back on that initial payment, however you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime.
Also, it might not be that easy to sell these safelist memberships being that not many people really invest into safelists because most of the time it is not advertising that is really targeted. But other than that, Top Safelist Biz affiliate commissions are paid on time so all in all, it might be something worth taking a look at.

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