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The Legit List of PPC

The Legit List means that the site is currently showing proof that it pays. It does not mean it can't go scam tomorrow.  Sites will go on this list if the site is paying and there are no major issues with this site. However it's status can change quickly. See restrictions at the bottom of this page for sites that are blocked from being added to the Legit List. Please note that not all of these sites on this list have been tested by us. Since it is impossible for us to test and click on every single site daily. Although, we will post information and links that lead to members who have been paid by these sites.

We do not recommend buying or upgrading on these sites. Not until you have been paid and they have been online for at least year, if not longer. These sites may be paying today, but tomorrow, they may turn scam.

All other paying sites will go on the Elite or Ongoing Investigations List.
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Payment Wait
3 Years 3 Months 5 Days$0.001 - $0.10, PTC, All Countries, Custom, PayPal,  Payza,  LibertyReserve , Unlimited DR Referrals, Toolbar, Surveys, Task, jobs, offers, PTSU, CrowdFlowerVariesVaries10%$57 DAYS
4 Years 5 Months 0 Days€0.0006 , Euros, PTC, PayPal, Payza, Unlimited DR Referrals, PTSU, Grid,4 +/-€0.0024+/-€0.0006€0.502 B-DAYS
2 Years 2 Months 10 Days$0.0001 - $0.005, PTC, All Countries, Unlimited DR Referrals, PayPal, LibertyReserve, BuxHost41 +/-$0.0069+/-80%$0.02INSTANT
2 Years 9 Months 9 Days$0.00075 - $0.001, PTC, Unlimited DR Referrals, PayPal, Aurora, PTSU, PTP, Traffic Exchange, All Countries,21 +/-$0.0063+/-10%$0.107 DAYS
2 Years 9 Months 18 DaysGPT, All Countries, 3 Levels, Unlimited DR Referrals, PayPal, Amazon, GiftCard, CrowdFlower, PTSU, Matomy, Radium, SuperRewards, Virool, Peanut Labs, PaymentWall, SponsorPay, SupersonicAds, ShiftCode0Varies3%$57 DAYS
5 Years 0 Months 6 Days$0.0001 - $0.001, PTC, Aurora, Unlimited DR Referrals, PayPal, Payza, PTR, PTSU,63 +/-$0.01 +/-20%$214 B-DAYS
9 Years 11 Months 17 Days$0.00035, PTR, PTC, PTSU, PayPal, Payza, All Countries, Unlimited DR Referrals CashCrusader, 5 Levels,15+/-$0.005+/-15%$2WEEKLY 
3 Years 9 Months 9 Days$0.00012 - $0.015, PTC, GPT, PTSU, Offers, PTR, Emails, PTP, Facebook, Aurora, ClixScript, Unlimited DR Referrals, Videos,  PayPal, Payza,75 +/-$0.096+/-10%$0.607 DAYS
2 Years 8 Months 21 Days$0.0001- $0.001, PTC, GPT, Surf, PTP, PTSU, Offers, Aurora, Unlimited DR Referrals, PayPal, Payza,25 +/-$0.015+/-10%$1.013 B-DAYS 
4 Years 0 Months 6 DaysGPT, SiftCode, Unlimited DR Referrals, PayPal, Amazon, GiftCards, Bonus,0Varies20%$1INSTANT
2 Years 10 Months 27 Days$0.000035 - $0.001, PTC, Aurora, PTSU, Offers, PTR, Emails, PayPal, Payza,32 +/-$0.013+/-10%$0.107 DAYS
3 Years 10 Months 10 DaysGPT, Unlimited DR Referrals, CashCrusader, PayPal,  Amazon, Offers, PTSU,0Varies$0.30$2.50MONTHLY 
2 Years 1 Months 23 Days$0.10 - $5, Surveys, Amazon, GiftCard, Payoneer, Custom,0Varies0$10INSTANT
2 Years 11 Months 21 Days$0.0001 -$0.015, All Countries, PayPayl, Payza,  Unlimited DR Referrals,6 +$0.07 +/-10%$310 B-DAYS
8 Years 10 Months 8 Days$0.0003 -$0.0005 , PTC, PTR, GPT, PayPal, Payza, CashCrusader, Unlimited DR Referrals, PTSU, Surf, emails,9 +/-$0.003915%$1030 DAYS
4 Years 1 Months 5 DaysGPT, All Countries, ShiftCode, Payza, Amazon, LibertyReserve, MoneyBookers, Skrill, EntroPay, GiftCard, BLVD, Virool, Videos, Unlimited DR Referrals0Varies50%$1INSTANT
2 Years 3 Months 5 Days$0.001 GPT, PTC, All Countries, CrowdFlower, SuperSonicAds, PaymentWall, SponsorPay, Virool, SuperRewards, BLVD, Matomy, WallAds, Videos, Offers, PTSU, Surveys, PayPal, Payza, Amazon, GiftCards, ShiftCode,  Unlimited DR Referrals25+/-Varies5%$0.502 DAYS
8 Years 3 Months 4 Days$0.0001 -$0.01, All Countries, PTR, PTC, GPT, PTSU, Offers, CashCrusader, PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, OkayPay, Unlimited DR Referrals, 5 Levels, No Minimum,375 +/-$0.04 +/-10%$110 DAYS
4 Years 9 Months 21 Days$0.0001 -$0.004 , PTC,  Unlimited DR Referrals, Aurora, PayPal, Payza, Surf, PTR, PTSU, Offers,150+/-$0.02+/-20%$0.903 DAYS
6 Years 3 Months 6 DaysPTR, Unlimited DR Referrals, 4 Levels, Customized, PTR, Emails, PayPal,0Varies50%S$1130 DAYS
5 Years 2 Months 7 DaysGPT, PayPal, GiftCard, Money Order, 3 Levels, ShiftCode, Unlimited DR Referrals0Varies15%$1DAILY
4 Years 3 Months 3 Days$0.0001 to $0.001, PTC, Aurora, PayPal,12+/-$0.006+/-0%$2.255 B-DAYS
1 Years 11 Months 12 DaysGPT, PayPal, Amazon, GiftCards, WordPress, Unlimited DR Referrals, Matomy, TrialPay, SponsorPay, SuperSonicAds, SuperRewards, Virool,  Videos, RadiumOne, PaymentWall, PeanutLabs, AdscendMedia, TV, CrowdFlower, Tasks, Surveys, Offers, PTSU, Search, 0Varies20%$5WEEKLY
0 Years 9 Months 24 DaysGPT, All Countries, GiftCards, PayPal, Payza, Amazon, SuperSonicAds, Revsnapp, TokenAdds, WinterLeads, PaymentWall, PeanutLabs, Jampp, Matomy, OfferWalls, AdscendMedia, SuperRewards, CrowdFlower, Virool, Videos, 2 Levels, Unlimited DR Referrals, WordPress, Offer, Tasks,0Varies10%$21-3 B-DAYS
1 Years 6 Months 7 Days$0.0001 -$0.01, GPT, PTC, Debit Card, Payza, LibertyReserve, Amazon, MoneyOrder, GiftCards, PopMoney,, 2 Levels, Unlimited DR, ShiftCode, AdWorkMedia, Motomy, CrowdFlower, SuperRewards, Paymentwall, TokenAds, Virool, SupersonicAds, OffferWalls, jmpp, BLVD, PointClickTrack, PTSU, Offers35+/-$0.02+15%$2.50WEEKLY
1 Years 4 Months 9 Days$0.0001 -$0.001, PTC, Aurora, PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, MobileRecharge, Grid, TrafficExchange, Virool, Videos24+/-$0.0055 +/-10%
$0.102-4 DAYS
3 Years 5 Months 7 DaysGPT, Surveys, PayPal, Signup Bonus, Offers, PTSU, Unlimited DR, Games, Custom,0Varies$3$5090 DAYS
2 Years 2 Months 24 Days$0.0015 + , All Countries, Custom, Unlimited DR, PayPal, Payza, LiberyReserve, Task, Surveys, Search, Offers, Surfing, PTSU,20+/-Varies120%$57 DAYS
2 Years 2 Months 11 Days$0.01, GPT, PTC, Unlimited DR, Amazon, GiftCards, CrowdFlower, Virool, Volume11, RadiumOne, PeanutLabs, MatomyMoney, TrailPay, SuperRewards, PaymentWall, BLVD, SuperSonicAds, ShiftCode,1+Varies10%$1INSTANT
6 Years 4 Months 7 DaysGPT, Custom, Offers, Task, Surveys, Videos, Games, Search, CrowdFlower, RadiumOne, PeanutLabs, Matomy, TrialPay, SuperRewards, PaymentWall, Volume11, SuperSonicAds, SponsorPay, Unlimited DR, All Countries0Varies100%$530 DAYS
7 Years 2 Months 3 DaysPTC, GPT, All Countries, ShiftCode, PTR, PTSU, BLVD, Offers, Games, PayPal, Payza, SolidTrustPay, OKPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, Unlimited DR, Amazon200+$0.15+/-10%$0.1014 DAYS
1 Years 9 Months 5 Days$0.06+, Videos, Custom, Debit Card,0Varies$0.25
20 Limit
3 Years 3 Months 23 Days$0.005 , PTC, PayPal, Unlimited DR, All  Countries, Custom,1+Varies10%$52-5 DAYS
6 Years 6 Months 8 DaysGPT, All Countries, RadiumOne, Virool, Matomy, SuperRewards, PaymentWall, PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Amazon, ShiftCode, Unlimited DR, Offers, PTSU, Surveys, Videos,0Varies15%$1INSTANT
7 Years 6 Months 7 DaysAmazon, Direct Deposit, Tasks, Jobs, Custom,0Varies0$1INSTANT
9 Years 3 Months 7 DaysPayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, Unlimited DR, Revenue Share, PTC, PTSU, All Countries,20+/-Varies0$1010 DAYS
2 Years 3 Months 22 Days$0.0001 - $0.001, Aurora, PTC, Unlimited DR, PTR, PTSU, TrafficExchagne, PTP, PayPal, Payza, Offers,20+/-$0.002+/-10%$0.0224RS
1 Years 11 Months 24 DaysGPT, PayPal, Amazon, GiftCards, Offers, PTSU, Unlimited DR,0Varies20%$0.05INSTANT
9 Years 0 Months 17 Days$0.0001 - $0.001, PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, OKPay, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, PTC, TrafficExchange, PTP, PTSU, Offers, CashCrusader, Unlimited DR, 6 Levels65+/-$0.013+/-5%$0.01+30 DAYS
8 Years 4 Months 24 DaysSurveys, PayPal, Amazon, GiftCards, Custom000$1048HRS
1 Years 9 Months 9 DaysSurveys, PayPal, Custom, PayPal, Unlimited DR,1+$0.03+20%$1572HRS
3 Years 3 Months 5 DaysGPT, Amazon, GiftCards, Unlimited DR, EntroPay, LibertyReserve, MoneyBookers, Payza, 3 Levels, ShiftCode, BLVD, CrowdFlower, Virool, Offers, Surveys, PTSU, Tasks, Videos,0Varies25%$1INSTANT
1 Years 5 Months 23 DaysGPT, PayPal, Payza, Amazon, GiftCards,, ShiftCode, Videos, RadioLoyalty, Virool, CrowdFlower, SuperSonicAds, SuperRewards, Matomy, BLVD, RadiumOne, SponsorPay, PaymentWall, OfferWalls, Jampp, TrialPay, AdWorkMedia, WinterLeads, Tasks, Offers, Surveys, PTSU, Unlimited DR, All Countries 1+Varies10%$1INSTANT
6 Years 4 Months 7 DaysGPT, 2 Levels, PayPal, Amazon, GiftCards, Prizes, Unlimited DR, Matomy, SponsorPay, SuperRewards, PeanutLabs, RadiumOne, Supersonic, Paymentwall, Videos, Surveys, Offers, PTSU, Custom,0Varies20%$22-3 DAYS
4 Years 1 Months 6 Days$0.001 +, Refback, PayPal, Payza, Webmoney, PTC, All Countries,3+/-$0.002+/-10%$25 DAYS
4 Years 2 Months 7 Days$0.01, PayPal, Amazon, Unlimited DR, PTC, GPT, PTSU, Offers, CashCrusader,3+/-$0.04 +/-$0.30$2.50MONTHLY
1 Years 10 Months 10 Days$0.001 -$0.0002, PTC, PTC Evolution, Grid, Offers, PTSU, PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Amazon, All Countries, Games, Videos, Virool, PTSU, TrafficExchange, Surf 100+/-$0.07 +/-$0.05 CPM$17 DAYS
3 Years 11 Months 7 DaysRefback, PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, Unlimited DR, All Countries,0Varies15%$23 B-Days
2 Years 1 Months 6 Days$0.001 - $0.01, GPT, PayPal, Payza, GiftCards, Amazon, MoneyBookers, Skrill, TrialPay, SupersonicAds, Crowdflower, Tasks, Surveys,  PointClickTrack, RadiumOne, PaymentWall, SuperRewards, Matomoy, OfferWalls, Virool, Videos, PTSU, Offers, ShiftCode,15+/-Varies15%$1INSTANT
9 Years 1 Months 17 Days$0.0025, TrafficExchange, Payza, LibertyReserve, 4 Levels, Unlimited DR, AutoSurf, LJScripts,10+/-Varies10%$2024HRS
9 Years 0 Months 7 DaysPTR, Emails, PayPal, Payza, Unlimited DR, CashCrusader, All Countries,VariesVaries12%$545 Days
7 Years 11 Months 11 DaysPayPal, Payza, Check, GPT, Search, Offers, PTSU, Surveys, Tasks, CrowdFlower, 2 Levels, Games, All Countries, Custom, Unlimited DR,0Varies20%$20MONTHLY
1 Years 11 Months 10 Days$0.0001 -$0.002, PTC, PayPal, Payza, Grid, PTSU, Offers, PTCEvolution, All Countries, Unlimited DR, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney,  EgoPay, Virool10+$0.01+$0.0003$1.507 B-DAYS
11 Years 8 Months 10 DaysGPT,  3 Levels, Relmax, Unlimited DR, PayPal, LibertyReserve, Check, All Countries PTSU, Offers,0Varies10%$0.01WEEKLY
4 Years 8 Months 8 Days$0.0005 - $0.001, PTC, PayPal, Payza, PTSU, Offers, Unlimited DR, TrafficExchange, PTR, Aurora,11+/-$0.007+/-20%$1.5014 B-DAYS
4 Years 0 Months 6 DaysExchanger, LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OKPay, PexPay, BitCoin, MtGox, Payza, Custom, All Countries Unlimited DR,0Varies15%$0.0172HRS
5 Years 7 Months 9 Days$0.05, PayPal, PTC, Unlimited DR, Custom,1+/-Varies$0.01$0.01WEEKLY
3 Years 1 Months 6 DaysGPT, GiftCards, Amazon, PayPal, Offers, PTSU, Surveys, Tasks, Videos, Matomy, Paymentwall, PeanutLabs, RadiumOne, SuperRewards, SupersonicAds, CrowdFlower, TrailPay, Volume1, Games, TV, Unlimited DR, Search, Custom0Varies10%$520 DAYS
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Sites will be removed or denied on the Legit List due to the following reasons

  • Stops paying
  • Reset accounts and balances, due to database corrupted.
  • Opening too many sites within a short time from opening their first site. Large networks will be blocked from the Legit List till the entire network is at least a year old and we have fully tested the entire network. If a site is over a year old and opens one site, this rule will not apply (unless they open several sites). However the site will be blocked from the Elite List till the new site reaches at least 1 year old and proves to be stable without any major issues.
  • Constant changes to their site or program within the first 6 months or year. For instance change the cashout limits, referral limits, wait time for payment, rates per click, payment processor limitations, and other issues.
  • Changes in ownership or site is up for sale.
  • BuxHost sites or Zeus/nTen sites that are under a year old.
  • A decline in payments or activity coming from site.

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