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The Elite List PPC

The Elite List our elite list. This list will be small. Only the best of the best will go here. Note that being the best does not imply higher earnings. It only implies the site is still online and paying without major problems for over 2 years. As many of you know most sites do not stay online that long. If a site is still online and paying for over 2 years then obviously they are doing something right. Whether or not you agree with the earning potential.

Everyone has different needs and ideas on what a site should be. We are not going to base Elite status on earning ratios or rental averages. We feel if a site has been online and paying with no recent issues, it is an Elite Site. It is up to you to decide if the site fits your needs. We are not going to make that judgment for you. 

All other paying sites will go on the Legit or Ongoing Investigations List.
Here are some ELITE SITES that you can depend on getting paid and earn extra income. 
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4 Years 0 Months 6 DaysAll Countries, Custom, PayPal,  LinkShare,  LibertyReserve , No Direct Referral Limit, Payoneer0Varies20%$5MONTHLY
3 Years 6 Months 7 DaysCustom, PayPal,  Payza,  PublisherVariesNONE$25MONTHLY
9 Years 0 Months 7 Days$0.0025, PTC, Offers, PTR, Surveys, PayPal, GiftCards, No Direct Referral Limit, CashCrusader, PTSU, 6 Levels,VariesVaries10%$37 DAYS
17 Years 4 Months 10 DaysAffiliate, Direct Deposit, Check, Amazon0VariesNONE$1060 DAYS
6 Years 5 Months 13 Days$0.005, PTC, GPT, Offers, Surveys, Games, PayPal, No Direct Referral Limit, ShiftCode, Offer Walls, Virool, BLVD, CrowdFlower, Radium, Matomy, Slots, Bingo, Videos, Amazon, RadioLoyalty, All CountriesVariesVaries10%$10WEEKLY
3 Years 4 Months 23 Days$0.0003 -$0.002, PTC, All Countries, PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, OKPay, Task, Jobs, Grid, Buxhost23 +/-$0.0136+/-50%
50 Limit
$230 DAYS
4 Years 11 Months 17 Days$0.001 - $0.005, PayPal, Payza, INSTANT (2nd cashout), Custom, PTC, Offers, Surveys, Games, Videos, Traffic Exchange,  No Direct Referral Limit35 +/-$0.035 +/-$0.003 +$6.99NET 30 *
2 Years 1 Months 5 Days$0.00005 - $0.0002,  PTC, Aurora, Unlimited DR Referrals, PayPal, Payza, All Countries, No Minimum, PTSU, PTP, TrafficExchange224 +/-$0.013+/-20%$0.013 DAYS
7 Years 3 Months 6 DaysGPT, Surveys, Games, PayPal, All Countries, CrowdFlower, Paid Search, TrialPay, Custom, Task, No Direct Referral Limit, 2 Levels, Dwolla, RadioLoyalty,0Varies20%$20NET 20
9 Years 4 Months 8 DaysPublisher, PayPal, Check, All Countries, No DR Limit, Custom, All Countries0Varies10%$10NET 30
5 Years 8 Months 24 Days$0.001 - $0.005, PTC, Offers, PTSU,  PayPal, Payza, No DR Limit, All Countries, Custom, PTP, Traffic Exchange7 +/-$0.01 +/-10%$17 B-DAYS
6 Years 3 Months 6 Days$0.001 - $0.02, PTC, GPT, Task, Surveys, PayPal, Payza, LibertyReserve, Check, Offers, Commissions, Custom,  SupersonicAds, Matomy, TokenAds, CrowdFlower, SuperRewards, Grid,  No Direct Referral Limit50 +/-$0.04 +/-$0.0002+$8MON/FRI
3 Years 7 Months 8 DaysPayPal, Task, No Direct Referral Limit, No Minimum, All Countries, 3 Levels,0Varies10.1%$0.01DAILY
7 Years 0 Months 15 DaysGPT, All Countries, Unlimited DR Referrals, 2 Levels, Videos, Tasks, offers, PTSU, Virool, CrowdFlower, BLVD, PaymentWall, Matomy, RadiumOne, SuperRewards, Revsnapp, RadioLoyalty, ShiftCode, PayPal, Amazon, Check, GiftCard, DirectDeposit, CustomWithdraw0Varies10%$524HRS
9 Years 10 Months 0 DaysTraffic Exchange, No Direct Referral Limit, PayPal, Payza, Relmax, 5 Levels,0Varies10%$37 B-DAYS
7 Years 11 Months 11 Days$0.15, PTC, No Direct Referral Limit, GPT, Offers, Surveys, Videos, Task, CrowdFlower,  PTR, Paid Search, Referral Bonus, PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, RadioLoyalty15$0.15 +$1+$25NET 20
6 Years 10 Months 5 DaysGPT, SuperSonicAds, RadiumOne, PaymentWall, Matomy, TokenAds, CrowdFlower, Games, Surveys, 2 Levels, PTSU, Offers, Custom, Tasks, Unlimited DR Referrals0Varies20%$0.5048HRS
2 Years 2 Months 23 Days$0.005, PTC, 100 DR, BuxHost, Grid, PayPal, Payza,13+/-$0.06 +/-25%$224 HRS
9 Years 10 Months 25 DaysPublisher, All Countries, Check, Direct Deposit, Custom,0VariesNONE$100NET 30
2 Years 7 Months 8 Days$0.0005 - $0.003, PTC, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Traffic Exchange, PayPal, Payza, PTCEvolution11 +/-$0.01 +/-10%$172HRS
4 Years 4 Months 6 DaysSurveys, No Direct Referral Limit, PayPal, Custom0Varies100%$272HRS
12 Years 11 Months 12 DaysGames, Paid Search, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Check, Surveys, Custom, Offers, Tasks, Emails, Videos, CrowdFlower, GPT,0Varies10%$30NET 30
5 Years 3 Months 6 Days$0.001 - $0.005, PTC, Offers, PTSU, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Traffic Exchange, PTP, PayPal, Payza, Traffic Exchange,  Custom6 +/-$0.01 +/-10%$17 B-DAYS
6 Years 0 Months 7 DaysPublisher, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit, Western Union, Payoneer, PayPal, Custom0VariesNONE$50NET 45
6 Years 7 Months 9 DaysLinkShare, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, PayPal, Payza, INSTANT, Custom, LibertyReserve, 3 Levels, Payoneer0Varies20%$10INSTANT
6 Years 3 Months 6 Days$0.003, PTC, Commissions, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, PayPal, Custom 6 +/-$0.018 +/-30%$524HRS
15 Years 4 Months 9 DaysPublisher, Affiliate, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Custom, Check, Bank, Commissions,0VariesNONE$1WEEKLY
5 Years 0 Months 7 Days$0.001- $0.015, 30 DR, PTC, Commissions, All Countries, Grid (AdPrize), Custom, CloudFlower, SuperSonic Ads, TrialPay, PaymentWall, SuperRewards, Peanut Labs, Token Ads, Matomy, GPT, Surveys, Task, INSTANT, PayPal, Payza, Neteller, Bux4 +$0.004 +$0.005$2INSTANT
5 Years 10 Months 11 DaysGames, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Custom, GPT, PayPal, Payza, GiftCard, Offers, Task, Surveys, PeanutLabs, TrialPay, Videos, RadiumOne, 3 Levels, 0Varies15%$124HRS
10 Years 5 Months 9 DaysPTC, Games, No Direct Referral Limit, Paid Search, Custom, No Minimum, GPT, PayPal, GiftCard, Offers, Task, Surveys, PTR, Videos, Music, (Radio), SuperSonic Ads, Matomy, PeanutLabs, Payment Wall, SuperRewards, Offer Walls, TrialPay, SponserPay, CrowdFlower, Task, Emails,  AmazonVariesVaries5%$0.0148HRS
4 Years 1 Months 6 Days$0.0005 - $0.001, PTC, No Direct Referral Limit, PTSU, Offers, PayPal, Payza, PTCEvolution, 10 +/-$0.007 +/-40%$0.3072HRS
11 Years 4 Months 8 DaysGames, Paid Search, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Custom, Surveys, Offers, Emails, CrowdFlower, GPT, Check, Task0Varies10%$30NET 30
5 Years 11 Months 11 Days$0.02 - $0.20, Music, No Direct Referral Limit, Custom, PayPal, Music,0Varies10%$105 B-DAYS
5 Years 2 Months 12 DaysGames, No Direct Referral Limit, Paid Search, Custom, TrialPay, RadiumOne, PaymentWall, SuperRewards, PeanutLabs, SponsorPay, CrowdFlower, Video, Surveys, PayPal, GPT, Offers, Task, Amazon, GiftCard,0Varies1k PTS$2521 B-DAYS
11 Years 6 Months 3 Days$0.003, TrafficExchange, Solo-Ads, PayPal, Check, PTR, AutoSurf, 4 Levels, Custom, Unlimited DR,20+/-$0.16 +/-10%$10WEEKLY
6 Years 4 Months 7 Days$0.01, PTC, GPT, Offers, PTSU, Surveys, Music (Radio), No Direct Referral Limit, Video, PayPal, Check,10 +/-$0.10 +/-10%$20WEEKLY
9 Years 7 Months 5 Days$0.001 -$0.01 , PTC, Commissions, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Custom, PayPal, INSTANT, 10 Levels, 16 +/-$0.05 +/-3%$10INSTANT
6 Years 4 Months 4 Days£0.0005 - £0.015, PTC, Games, Commissions, All Countries, No Direct Referral Limit, Custom,  Pounds, PayPal, Offers, GPT, OfferWall, SuperRewards, 2 Levels,VariesVaries> £0.006£610 B-DAYS
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To go on our Elite List, the site has to meet these criteria:

  • Be at least 2 years old
  • No major problems or issues
  • Must have a decent amount of active members. For example a site that is 2 years old, yet only has 900 members will not be eligible for the Elite List.
  • Sites that rely on investments: If the site has a payment wait time over 48hrs and it takes in upgrades or investments, it must have an active forum so members can monitor the site's payment activity.
  • Forums must be well maintained and the owner must be active.
  • Support must be responsive. Sites that have admins that do not respond to support tickets will be blocked from being added to the Elite List.
  • Sites must be worthwhile to use. This could be debatable and vary from one site to another. For standard members, ad counts and daily earnings must be at at a level where users can actually earn. This will be different from one site to another since some sites offer geo-targeting ads. If a site has a no referral limit and has other methods to earn then this restriction will not apply. Nor it will apply if certain locations have a better opportunity to earn versus others. However if no locations find it worthwhile then the site will be blocked from being added to the Elite List. Also sites that have low direct referral limits, high cashout limits, and long payment wait times could be blocked from being added to the Elite List. Once again this will be judged different from one site to another since not all sites are alike.

Sites will be removed or denied on the Elite List due to the following reasons

  • Stops paying
  • Reset accounts and balances, due to database corrupted.
  • Big changes in their program. Example: From an Aurora site to a Bux site
  • Opening another site before reaching 2 years old.
  • Increase in legitimate complaints. Example: Site constantly going down or unavailable for long period of time.
  • Changes in ownership
  • Merges with other sites or closes.
  • Ownership of past failed/closed/scam sites within the past 2 years
  • Site enables members to break another website terms of service.
Example would be click fraud. Selling ad spots to advertisers for the sake of asking them to click on "Google Ads". Some sites specialize in offering such ads and will not be added to the Elite List for this reason.
  • Non-responsive support. Site may pay, but does not answer tickets.

All other sites will go on our Legit list. Meaning that they are currently paying, but they haven't been online that long or have some problems here and there.

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