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What is the difference between a laptop and a notebook or netbook?

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A mobile computer with a full-sized keyboard, flip-up monitor and space for built-in optical or floppy-disk storage drives.

A laptop is designed to sit on your lap and you can therefore expect it to be quite large and loaded down with features and power.

The standard laptop computer would have some ,if not all, of the following features:

1. 14" - 17" (widescreen) TFT screen.
2. Nvidia GeForce or ATI Radeon graphics subsystem.
3. Internal DVD-ROM or DVD-RW drive
4. Large full featured keyboard.
5. 3 hour (+/-) battery life.
6. Upgradeable.
7. Integrated modem, network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.
8. High quality integrate audio and speaker system.
9. Low power consumption, high performance Intel Centrino style processor.

Laptops are designed to be capable of replacing an entire desktop PC if necessary whilst still offering desktop performance in a mobile platform.

A mobile computer with a full-sized keyboard and a flip-up monitor. It does not have space for built-in optical or floppy-disk drives, but instead provides communication ports so that an external drive can be connected. This allows a notebook to be much thinner than a laptop.

The notebook computer would have some ,if not all, of the following features:

1. Ultralight. Less weight is better.
2. 4 - 5 hour battery life.
3. No internal floppy drive.
4. Minimal graphics subsystem.
5. No internal DVD or CD system.
6. 12" - 14" TFT screen.
7. Low profile (thin).
8. Integrated modem and network connection.
9. Smallest possible keyboard that retains functionality.
10. Low power consumption Celeron/Centrino or Sempronstyle processor.

In essence a notebook computer is designed to provide mobile computing that won't break your back yet still offer all the power the mobile users requires for work and some leisure pursuits. This portability normally comes at a price. The level of miniaturisation involved comes at a cost and high end notebooks can prove to be quite expensive.

Notebooks offer reasonable power and extreme portability.

Note: Some Notebooks pretend to be tablets (see blow) as their screens are touch sensitive can fold back to cover their keypads.

Netbook or Mini PC
A mobile computer with a keyboard and screen smaller than full size (some are less than half the size). As with a notebook, it does not have space for built-in storage drives, but does provide ports for connecting an external drive.

A mobile computer without a keyboard. It has a monitor that forms one side of the device. The monitor is touch sensitive and can present a virtual keyboard when input is required. The Tablet does not have ports to attach peripherals and has no disk storage.

Some of the most popular Tablets are developments of high end phones rather than 'smaller' PCs and many of the newer Tablets are being released with special 'new' operating systems which have no relation to MS Windows.This means that applications - 'Apps' for them can be downloaded from the Internet and most of the users data and processing is provided from the Internet 'cloud computing'.

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