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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Teaser poster
Directed by Francis Lawrence
Produced by Nina Jacobson
Jon Kilik[1]
Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy
Michael Arndt
Based on Catching Fire
by Suzanne Collins
Starring Jennifer Lawrence
Josh Hutcherson
Liam Hemsworth
Woody Harrelson
Elizabeth Banks
Sam Claflin
Jeffrey Wright
Jena Malone
Amanda Plummer
Stanley Tucci
Toby Jones
Lenny Kravitz
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Donald Sutherland
Meta Golding
Willow Shields
Music by James Newton Howard
Cinematography Jo Willems[1]
Editing by Alan Edward Bell[1]
Studio Lionsgate
Color Force
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s)
  • November 11, 2013 (Premiere)
  • November 22, 2013 (United States)
Country United States
Language English
Budget $150,000,000

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is an upcoming American science-fiction adventure film based on Suzanne Collins' novel, Catching Fire, the second installment in The Hunger Games trilogy. The film is the sequel to The Hunger Games, and the second installment in The Hunger Games film series, produced and distributed by Lionsgate. Francis Lawrence is set to direct a screenplay from Simon Beaufoy and Michael Arndt. Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen along with Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Lenny Kravitz, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Toby Jones and Willow Shields also reprising their roles.
Months before the release of The Hunger Games, Lionsgate greenlit the second film and Gary Ross, director of the first film, was expected to return as director. However, on April 10, 2012, he announced his departure from the project due to the tight and fixed production and on May 3, Francis Lawrence was hired as the film's director. Throughout July and September 2012, the film's supporting cast was filled out, with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Lynn Cohen, Meta Golding, Amanda Plummer and Jeffrey Wright brought in to portray key roles. Filming began September 10, 2012 in and around metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia before moving to Hawaii. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is scheduled to be released in IMAX on November 22, 2013 in the United States.

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson). Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a "Victor's Tour" of the districts. Along the way, Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow (Donald Sutherland) prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (Quarter Quell) - a competition that could change Panem forever.[4]

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